Saturday, January 10, 2015

McAllen Mission History

Here are some fun historical facts about the Texas McAllen Mission that you may enjoy!

  • The first person to serve a mission in Texas was a man by the name of Preston Thomas. 
    • He served a total of six missions -- ten years!
    • Since Elder Thomas, Texas has had eleven missions: including McAllen!
  • Since McAllen is a neighbor to Mexico, for many years it held two missions: 
    • English Speaking
    • Spanish Speaking
    • They were both separate missions!
  • In 1940, Texas became part of the Gulf States Mission. 
    • On February 17, 1961 it was changed to the Texas Mission.
  • The Texas McAllen Mission hasn't always been in Texas. Prior to it, Texas has held the following missions:
    • Central States Mission
    • Texas and Louisiana Mission
    • Gulf States Mission
    • Texas Mission
    • Spanish American Mission (American portion of the Mexican Mission)
    • Texas South Mission 
    • Texas San Antonio Mission
    • Texas Corpus Christi Mission
    • Texas Houston East Mission
  • Due to all the changes in the mission boundaries, the mission headquarters have been in multiple locations:
    • Houston 
    • Dallas 
    • El Paso
    • San Antonio
    • McAllen (current)
  • The Texas McAllen Mission covers the southern tip of Texas
    • It starts about 50 miles south of San Antonio, includes Rockport on the Gulf of Mexico (east side), and Laredo on the Mexican border (west side)

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